Perth Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveying

If you are seeking the services of a reliable and trusted Perth Quantity Surveying company, SD DEPRECIATION & COST CONSULTANTS are here for you. We have spent several decades working directly in the construction industry in this role, providing cost consultancy services for our clients. Our hard earned reputation as a trusted quantity surveyor is due to our extensive experience, qualifications and commitment to performing the job professionally.

A quantity surveyor estimates and monitors construction costs throughout the building project. Our staff at SD Depreciation have the necessary qualifications, skills and experience to provide the full range of quantity surveying and cost management services relevant to the construction industry. We also have the capacity and ability to provide services to small and medium sized projects.  In addition, for property investors, once the building is completed we can prepare ATO compliant tax depreciation schedules. Property owners can potentially save many thousands of dollars by using the services of SD Depreciation, because not only do our staff bring one of the highest levels of qualifications and experience to the industry, we also have an excellent track record for delivering an exemplary service to Perth clients through our expert quantity surveying services.  

Clients using SD Depreciation are protecting their investment and an ATO compliant registered quantity surveyor is essential, because if you use someone not suitably qualified the report will be rejected. 

SD Depreciation uses the latest software to provide our clients with highly accurate, fast and cost effective reports. Our software can import engineering and architectural drawings to produce detailed measurements. We have also developed a comprehensive database to price and benchmark the costs of projects across a wide range of industries.

Tendering and Documentation

  • Preparation of preliminary elemental estimates based on preliminary design
  • Preparation of detailed estimates and cost planning advice throughout design development
  • Preparation of bills of quantities or schedule of rates
  • Preparation of bid documentation for tendering contractors
  • The production of tender shared-bills of quantities for builders working on large construction projects; by sharing your bill of quantities at tender stage, rather than engaging separate in-house or external quantity surveyors, you can significantly reduce costs while still providing accurate and detailed information to subcontractors
  • Review of tenders received, reconciliation to budget, and recommendation of contractor
  • Tender negotiation and prepare contract documents

Post-Contract Services

  • Review progress claims for work in progress and recommend payment values
  • Monitor documentation changes
  • Prepare regular financial statements forecasting final end cost
  • Measure, price, and negotiate variations
  • Evaluation of claims, final accounts preparation

Other Specialised Services

  • Review and advice on building contracts for people who engage builders to build new homes, granny flats etc. or carry out major renovations
  • Insurance valuations and claims
  • Construction finance reporting for lending institutions

Don't look for another quantity surveyor

SD Depreciation will take you through the process from start to finish