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Tax Depreciation Report

As buildings, plant and equipment age, they depreciate in value and we can help you receive the valuable tax deductions you deserve through an efficient and professional tax deduction report. Perth companies offering similar services may use independent contractors to perform specific aspects, but at SD Depreciation we complete the job from beginning to end. This provides further clarity and transparency to the process and it helps keep our costings highly competitive.

Capital works deductions (division 43):  This is the deduction for the building’s actual structure and is available on non-residential properties built post 1982 and residential properties built post 1987.

Plant and equipment assets (division 40): This deduction includes assets which can be removed from the property with ease. The condition of the asset and its quality will help determine the allowances available.

To claim maximum tax benefits on an investment property the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires property investors to complete a fully compliant Tax Depreciation Report. Perth based SD Depreciation’s quantity surveyors are Associate Members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) and Registered Tax Agents with Tax Practitioners Board (TPB), and are highly qualified and experienced at producing ATO compliant Tax Depreciation Reports.

It should be noted, that as part of the 2017 – 18 federal budget, the government proposed amendments to legislation relating to plant and equipment deductions. This means property investors can no longer claim income tax deductions for the decline in value of ‘previously used’ depreciating assets within residential investment properties.  As a result, owners of second hand residential properties (where contracts exchanged after 7:30pm on 9th May, 2017) will be ineligible to claim depreciation on plant and equipment assets, such as air conditioning units, blinds or carpets.

Property Depreciation Report

  • A Tax Depreciation Report (also called a Depreciation Schedule) sets out all tax depreciation and building write-off claims for a new or existing investment properties. Our property depreciation tax report provides a schedule for a capital works allowance (building write-off) and depreciable assets (plant and equipment allowance) on an investment property, ensuring owners receive the maximum tax entitlements. Based on your allowances, the report calculates the amount you can deduct each year as part of your tax return and we strongly urge our clients to invest in a tax depreciation report.

    Perth property owners who are currently failing to receive the very significant tax deductions they are entitled to are missing out, so call us today to find out how we can help.

The Depreciation Inspection

  • A physical inspection of your property allows our qualified inspectors to ensure we record all legitimate entitlements within your report. As a Perth quantity surveying company our inspectors have the expertise to ensure your depreciation schedule lists all assets and costs correctly.

    We understand our clients are seeking an affordable, timely and reliable tax depreciation report and as our staff complete the inspection themselves, you are guaranteed a more thorough, personalised level of inspection and subsequent report.

What are the benefits of a tax depreciation report for property investors?

Tax depreciation reports, when combined with additional negative gearing factors, such as interest on a mortgage, repairs and maintenance, can help investors reduce their taxable income, pay less tax and improve cash flow. The savings you make can be channelled into other areas, such as an investment mortgage or other debt reductions.


Depreciable items are claimed as a repair and we will provide expert advice on whether the claim you are seeking constitutes an actual repair or improvement.

If, for example, you sought to restore the income producing asset to the condition it was in originally, as an income producing entity, you can claim during the year the work was completed.


An improvement, however, cannot be claimed as a direct deduction, but the cost of the work may be depreciated under the capital allowance deduction over the course of 40 years at a rate of 2.50% per annum.

We can help all owners achieve maximum tax benefits from their investment property, no matter what the size or age.

For more information on how property depreciation reports can reduce your tax, please call 08 6558 1844.

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